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Quotes from recent Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat participants…

"This ministry is a blessing beyond compare!!"
"I have had help to pull together many of the issues makng me who I am, from childhood to the present time.  I think I now understand myself better and am ready to move forward"
"SCR is a place for healing and is definitely a place where God is at work"
"It has been a long time since we have felt 'safe' talking honestly with each other"
"Our time here has given my wife and I a new hope for the future in so many ways!"
Gains?  "Validation of my state of being.  Validation of my ministry"
Gains?  "Reaffirmed our commitment and support of one another"
Gains?  "Perspective of my personal situation...focus on boundaries based on personal identity..affirmation of strength in my marriage"
"The length of this program, structure, rest, the gift of the staff and their love and service was outstanding"
"SCR is a wonderful blessing"
Gains?  "Thoughtful & prayerful look at the direction to which I am feeling called...and why"
Helpful?  "Yes!  Spot-on!  What the Good Doctor ordered"
"I have been in a defense mode for a long time.  Now it's time to let go & let God.  He has it all worked out.  We are His, abounding in physicial & spiritual blessings"
"Our room was beautiful...better than home.  So nice not to have to think of menus, prepraring meals, and cleanup!"
"The conversations allowed me the space to explore personal issues/pain and provided me with tools and facilitated steps of healing"
"It is hard for a pastor to say 'I am hurting' and yet I am.  Like an oasis in the desert this week brought the water of life to my hurting soul, rest and refreshment to my body, and an extravagent care and compassion to my spirit"
"The ministry you have here is so unique and irreplaceable"


Helpful?  "To talk with those who walk in the same shoes and to laugh...such a good release."
"I needed some healing before I could let go, let God, and understand more & forgive & ask God's forgiveness for my faults"
"I think we gained clarity as to the path ahead & what choices we have to make if we're going to walk that path"
"SCR does an excellent job of fulilling its purpose.  It is a healing place in every way"
"I found our counselors were both straight forward & positive...guiding through the sessions to try to find & give encouragement and understanding about our very difficult relationship"
Standing Stones:
"Beautiful, comfortable, homey, peaceful, clean, delicious meals.  100%+ by staff in loving, caring hospitality.  Servant hearts"
"Thank you, Thank you!  This ministry has blessed us"
Gains?  "Tools for communication.  Having time to 'just be' together.  We spent a lot of time talking/sharing after sessions and the break on Saturday...we needed that!"
"Thank you for your unique ministry!  May the Lord continue to bless all that you do"
"The counselors did an incredible job of being 'real', allowing the clients to be who they are & not faking answers.  They are very gifted in being able to connect with many different people"
"SCR is a place of healing and hope, rest and renewal for clergy and those who work in the church.  SCR is a God-gift to the hurting"
"The team was excellent.  I am not sure I can rate them highly enough.  Best professionals I have worked with to date"
"The SCR staff went above and beyond to treat us like royalty"
Gains?  "We are beginning to have real conversations again"
Gains?  "We have both begun to slow down"
"The devotions were fantastic!"
"When we first arrived at the Retreat our thoughts were that we were going to try to spend time alone—just the two of us—as much as possible. But, as the days went on, we found ourselves wanting and enjoying spending more and more time with the group (bonfires, etc). I look back and realize it was because of our Retreat Leaders were so great—they drew us all together!"
"This program helped energize and re-direct my ministry. I feel energized and re-charged. I truly feel as though I could do much better things for my God. This retreat was the rest and rejuvenation that I have needed."
"I realized that I am important to God."
On the role of the Chaplain: "Pastor Jim and his wife were awesome. He helped in the spiritual direction of our entire week. He continually helped us with the theme of spiritual aerobics. It was an awesome experience getting to know, enjoy, and love him. He was like a father-figure to me."
Re: initial contact with SCR: "I was impressed with the sense of urgency to address my needs."
"I feel that I will have friendships that will last a lifetime."
"The individual sessions helped me to see that I was defeating myself (spinning wheels). I needed to “let go” and “let God.” The only thing stopping me from success was myself. They showed me that God could use me mightily."
"We feel so blessed by the privilege to be with counselors and spiritual advisors who were qualified to help us realize our potential."
"The ratio of counseling and time for ourselves was perfect. We had time to relax and reflect on what we heard and how we could use it in our lives."
"Having true Christian counselors was just what we needed to put life back into perspective."
Re: follow-up: "The counselors entrusted us with their cell phone numbers. Who would have thunk!
Things I didn’t even know were bothering me came out and were dealt with.
Again I can never thank you enough for the opportunity to participate in the most awesome program for helping ministers. They are usually left to pick up the pieces after they are treated bad by the imperfect humans to whom they minister. To have an organization like Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat to care about the down trodden and stressed-out minister (and his wife) is a God-send. Thank you for letting God work through you and your organization. God bless you all.
From John Johnson, LPC, De Pere, WI,
“It is too bad that the synods do not understand the stewardship in your program. Growing rich ripe fruit for the Lord in their worker training schools and then letting that fruit rot on the ground, when it is blown from the tree, is nothing short of sin. Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat
gently picks up that fruit, washes it and cares for it, places it back in a beautiful bowl in the center of God’s table, where it can once again enrich God’s people.”

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