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Below is a list of 12 questions about your circumstances during the last year.  Take a moment to look them over.


Are you feeling alone or isolated from spouse, family, friends?
Does it feel like you are living a lie?

Do you fear you have an addiction that is affecting your life?
Do you lack a working support system that you trust and with whom you are open?
Do you wish that you could get out of your current location/position?
Do you think that you would be happier out of the ministry?
Are you angry, depressed, afraid, or vengefull?
Do you question God's role/relevance in your life?
Is there a major conflict in your present ministry?
Do you find it difficult to cope with the fast paced changes and technology of today's role of "pastor"?

If you answered "yes" to more than six of the above, it may be appropriate to contact a local resource.  You might also choose to contact Shepherd's Canyon Retreat by calling our Clinical Care director, Pastor Phil Lee at 206-601-5217 or the SCR office at 800-783-3079.  An Email to will be forwarded to Phil Lee.


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