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Call our Clinical Care Director,

Pastor Phil Lee, LMFT, 206-601-5217

Please call the SCR Clinical Care Director, Pastor Phil Lee,  for a conversation which will help to determine whether or not a Shepherd's Canyon Retreat is a "good fit" for you and your needs. 

If the answer to that is "yes", the next call will be to the SCR office at 480-588-8837. Our office staff understands the importance of confidentiality.  We will take down your contact information and answer your questions about openings at upcoming retreats, our retreat location, retreat costs, and other questions dealing with practical matters.

Our volunteer staff is here to serve you.  If you have any special diatary or other needs, please contact Rex Dawson, the Standing Stones Retreat Center Manager at 928-685-5211.  It is our goal to make your stay as comfortable as possible.  A list of phone numbers and email addresses may be found on the "Contact" page.


Phone: 480-588-8837 or 800-783-3079

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