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Program Costs


Program Costs

Costs and Scholarship Assistance

The Cost

The Retreat cost is $2,500 for singles and $3,500 for couples.  These costs include excellent accommodations, meals, and counseling fees.

Funding and Scholarships

Covering the cost of a retreat comes from various sources including retreat participants, their friends and relatives, their home congregation, and church districts/synods, and national church bodies.  The SCR staff is happy to help with the funding process.

For information about Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat costs and available scholarship assistance, please call 800-783-3079
or Email

Limited scholarships.
Please call the Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat office to find out what scholarship assistance is available. We will not turn anyone away based on client’s limited finances. 800-783-3079.
Insurance Reimbursement
In lieu of insurance reimbursements, we will provide scholarship assistance.

Phone: 480-588-8837 or 800-783-3079

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