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Shepherd's Canyon Retreat offers week-long counseling retreats for men and women in full-time ministry who are in the midst of various stages of burnout, stress, depression, and conflicts of all kinds.  Each retreat can accommodate up to eight individuals.  Our staff includes two counselors, a chaplain and volunteers who provide outstanding hospitality. 

The retreat begin with dinner on Monday evening and end with breakfast on the next Monday morning (with the exception of the March and April retreats which begin and end on Tuesday just in 2018).  During this week a retreat participant will experience about 25 hours of counseling in group, couple, and individual settings.

Retreat participants who arrive in Arizona by air, should plan flights which arrive between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM and depart during the same time-frame.  Transportation from the Phoenix or Mesa airports is provided by SCR staff or volunteers.

We realize it is very difficult to ask for help.  Please pray for guidance to discern the Lord's direction concerning your possible visit to Shepherd's Canyon Retreat.  We are here to be servants to those who are serving the Lord in full-time ministry.

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All Shepherd's Canyon Retreats are held at Standing Stones Conference Center located 15 miles west of Arizona's "cowboy town", Wickenburg, Arizona...90 minutes from the Phoenix airport.   The name of the place--Standing Stones--comes from Old Testament references to Samuel, Joshua, Jacob, and Moses who erected rock monuments to commemorate a great work of God's grace and mercy.

A recent retreat participant wrote, "my retreat experience made possible the revitalization I experienced and now I have grown, emotionally, psychologically, and most important, spiritually, with my Lord Jesus, with my wife, and in my ministry.

"Due to the stress of military deployment, I was depleted of much of my ability to function as a chaplain with good mental and spiritual health.  Even other unaddressed childhood wounds incurred from just living in a broken sinful world were weighing on me and had exacerbated my condition.  I was near a breaking point and God's Grace manifested!

"All of my circumstances changed in the retreat.  I do not use the word 'miraculous' loosely, but there I experienced God's GRACE and healing in a 'miraculous' way! 

"...I received practical tools to apply after leaving; these were to help me with the deep work the Holy Spirit gave through the therapist's counseling ministry to heal and bless me where it was needed most in my heart and soul!

"I returned to my ministry after the retreat refreshed spiritually to give as needed to those I am assigned to shepherd..  My relationship with my wife was also strengthened with a revilalized and growing love! ....most important, my relationship with Jesus--my Friend and Lord--is deeper and stronger than ever before..."


From an recent retreat participant:: "This 'retreat' was the best that my wife and I have ever attended.  We both came here burned-out, tired of ministry, strained relationship between us, and broken.  As we leave, there is now a sense of joy in ministry.  Our relationship is mending.  We have a ways to go.  But we have been given the tools to continue healing and growing.  If only SCR had been around 15 years ago!  Everyone should attend!".


Scholarships may be available for retreats.. Call now to reserve your place at our upcoming retreats.

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